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Understanding Carpet Weight and Thickness

It is natural to want to compare products when we are buying them - eg price, quality, which is hardest wearing, etc. But how do you decide which is the best car mat for you, especially when there are so many mat types & suppliers to choose from? Things to look out for are - weight in grams /sq. metre [g/m2]; pile height; what's the backing material/ type? Some of the cheaper car mats on sale at various outlets are not made of the best quality materials, it is worth investigating the details of both material & manufacture to ensure that you are getting a decent product for your money g/m2 - this figure gives an indication of the quality of the car mat in terms of thickness & density: the higher the figure the more the pile population per area. The more dense the pile, the more plush the feel. Pile height – it is fairly obvious but the higher the pile height when combined with higher g/m2 gives a higher quality & plusher feel to the mat. Backing material/ type – True automotive grade car mats most usually have a rubberised base layer which helps prevent movement/ sliding when in situ which can be a safety concern. Slippage of car mats under the feet can be the cause for safety concerns. Some of the cheaper offerings seen online have a backing material/ type that does not prevent this slippage and can be accidents waiting to happen.

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