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Buying a Second Hand Vehicle

Finding yourself a good used car on a budget can be a tricky and trying experience: with pushy salesmen and cloudy vehicle histories, it can be a minefield. Private sales are even trickier with much less comeback than when car dealers/ garages are involved who sometimes offer warranties. There's plenty of good advice to be found online but here are 'some' simple tips:- Check the vehicles documents, make a note of the registration and V5C reference numbers to check the cars [post 2005] MOT status at Gov.uk Check the vehicle is the correct colour/ engine size etc and registration date matches what's on the V5C Check the VIN number [usually under the bonnet] to see it ties in with that shown on the V5C Check that the vehicle has no outstanding finance Check the vehicle is not stolen Try to get the vehicle checked over by a qualified mechanic before purchase if possible. For private purchases it is 'caveat emptor' [let the buyer beware] so the more checks you can do beforehand the better. The above list is but a sample and by no means exhaustive, so do more research online before embarking on any second hand vehicle purchase, it will be worth it. Lastly if you do manage to negotiate the minefield and bag yourself a great vehicle, check out the AwesomeCarMats range to see if we have a set to suit your new vehicle, if we do and you buy a set you'll be rewarded with a spruce up to your car interior and your enjoyment of it will be improved immensely.

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